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The most important part of our name "Tweet for More Business" is the last part "More Business".
It is one thing using Social Media to raise your profile, but without the right strategies and tools to convert this activity into real business opportunities, it can have little real benefit.

At Tweet for More Business we have developed an approach that will generate tangible results and create more business for you.

All you have to do is let us do our "stuff" and then follow our simple guidance to reap the rewards!

It's a 'no-brainer' with prices starting from only

US$345£195+VAT pcm!

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Our Twitter management solution covers these key areas...

Growing Followers

An ongoing daily campaign to grow your followers...

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Daily Tweeting

Keeping you visible to followers and searches...

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Tweet Forensics

Converting connections into real-world leads...

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Integrated Telesales/CRM

Taking Social Media the into the real world...

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We can even help you manage and convert your connections...

We can give your business support with the management and follow-up of your leads with our recommended Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and telesales services.

This will pre-qualify your leads and deliver you with warmed up opportunites with people who are waiting for you to contact them. This can be by integrating telesales activities with your existing CRM system or by utilising the software and services from our trusted partners. Tweet4MoreBiz Integrated Services

Get ahead of your competition!

Our complete, affordable and bespoke Twitter management service will provide your business with a low cost but effective route to new customers.

It doesn’t matter whether you know absolutely nothing about Twitter or if you’re an expert. All you need to know is that you want more customers and more business!

We will take on the burden of running your Twitter account for you, doing everything from authoring your messages, posting them at regular intervals, responding to inbound enquiries, finding and following accounts relevant to you, following back suitable followers, unfollowing accounts who haven't responded and starting conversations in response to tweets relevant to your business.

Then on top of all of this you will receive a weekly Tweet Forensics™ report of your most recent followers including (where possible) contact names, phone numbers and email addresses. By combining this valuable data with our guidance based on our practical experience, it enables you to convert our work into hard business opportunities.

We can also manage your leads and telesales using our integrated systems and recommended partners so all you have to do is complete the job and close the deals. 

“I was stunningly impressed to find someone who uses Twitter in a way that relates to a REAL sales process.” Tony Pearson, MD Sales Operations UK Ltd


“I have been hugely impressed with the service that turns social media activity into real world contacts. Highly recommended” Neil Foley, TBGC 


“No other service I tried could deliver actual leads. Tweet Forensics does exactly that each week.” James Dewane, My Electricians Toolbox 

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When it comes to converting social media connections into
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