I don't have time to write my tweets - can you help?

Absolutely! Not only are we happy to do all the work to create your tweets, we want to! We will use our expertise to turn your existing marketing sources such as your website, e-brochures, video transcripts, mail shots etc into perfectly crafted, succint tweets. 

How many tweets will you write for us? 

Although we define the number of tweets we will create in our service plan, in reality we will aim to produce as many as we can - typically this will be 40-60 tweets. This will ensure all your key messages are being promoted on Twitter.

Can your tweets include images an videos? 

Yes. We can include up to four images or one short video into any of your tweets. We also have a special "random picture" option where one image will be selected at random from a list of up to six images.

I'm not sure what level of service is best for me - can you advise?

With our Silver entry level service we perform 80% of the Twitter work (the more boring repetitive activities). We ask you to look after the 20% more varied and interesting work. For Silver to be effective you should ideally be willing to spend about 20-30 minutes on Twitter most days. 
At the Gold level we will perform all of the Twitter work so you can steer completely clear of your account if you wish. We will also be a bit more active - sending more tweets and following more accounts per day.
The Platinum services bring in extras such as Twitter ads as well as increasing the tweets and following activity further.

How will you grow the followers of our account with relevant people or businesses? 

We will follow between 100 to 250 relevant Twitter accounts for you a day (depending on the service level selected). We source these accounts using three main strategies which we mix and blend depending on each client's products/services. This will be by examining account biography text, at tweets being posted and the followers of carefully selected accounts. Any accounts that we follow who haven't reciprocated by following back after a period of time will be unfollowed to help keep your following/follower ratio in check.

There are certain accounts we don't want to follow / unfollow. Can these be accommodated? 

Yes, we have a white list and black list feature so we can ensure we don't follow or unfollow selected accounts.

Can we try your services for a short period to see if they work for our business? 

Yes, though we recommend a minimum period of three months to provide sufficient time for the service to become established and demonstrate it's worth.

Do we have to commit to a long term contract for your services?

No, we just have a simple rolling monthly contract so you are never locked into our service longer than you require it. All we ask is for a month's notice of termination. 

Is it possible to change the service level once we start?

Yes, we are happy to amend this at any point in time.

My business covers only a certain geographical region. Can your service accommodate this?

Yes, we can tailor your service so we focus on targeting and following businesses and people in a selected region. This can be global, a continent, a country, a county/state or city. Naturally the smaller the area the more challenging it becomes to find businesses and people to connect with, so we would recommend county/state as the smallest level to go to in most circumstances.

Your Tweet Forensics report looks great but I'm not sure on the best way to use it - can you help?

The report is sent with hints and tips on how to use the data effectively. We also have partner businesses who are familiar with Tweet4MoreBiz and Tweet Forensics who are happy to step in to provide assistance if you don't have the time or inclination to use the data yourself.

Where do you source the data for the Tweet Forensics report?

We gather data for the report from a number of public domain sources such as the account's associated website, Companies House and Nominet.

Is the data on the Tweet Forensics filtered in any way?

Yes, firstly any following accounts not in your target geography will be excluded. We all exclude accounts using selected undesirable words. Also if you are a B2B business we will exclude accounts that do not have a link to a website.

How is the data on the Tweet Forensics gathered?

The standard Tweet Forensics report is populated using data gathered from a number of on-line sources. In most cases the data is accurate though there are limitations. Our tests indicate that 80% of available data can be obtained accurately in this way. The remaining 20% cannot be obtained with the standard process due to technical reasons. The standard report is is included into all our service levels without any extra charge. 

We do have the option to manually check each and every line of your Tweet Forensics report to give added accuracy and to collect the extra 20% of data the standard process cannot gather. This will also provide more personalised email addresses so that there are fewer "info@" or "contact@" email addresses and more "mary@" or "peter.smith@" email type addresses. As this option has a resource overhead, there is an modest charge to cover this cost.

It is great that you provide this data via Tweet Forensics but how do I manage it and use it - I just don't have time!

We have an optional extra service which will email your Tweet Forensics contacts for you with an your own introductory mesasy.
We also have tele-sales and CRM partners we can recommend and who are familiar with our services and the data we supply. They would be happy to talk to you to discuss your requirements and taking on the tasks of helping to manage and use your data for you so that your involvement with the sales and engagement process is kept to the minimum.

I can see how the Tweet Forensics will work for a B2B business, but we are B2C. Will it work for us?

For B2C businesses we recommend using the Tweet Forensics report as a tool to help you use Twitter's direct message feature more effectively. So instead of sending a standard blanket and ineffective direct message to all your followers, you can use the report to send fewer more carefully targeted and personalised messages to just those accounts who are likely to engage. 


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