Growing Followers


The value of your Twitter account and the Tweets that are posted are only relevant if there is a growing number of new, relevant followers. Without this you end up just "whistling in the wind"

Finding the right followers can be both difficult and time consuming. However with our service you don't need to worry as we do all of the hard work. Each day we will target and follow active and relevant accounts who are likely to be interested in your products and services. Accounts are selected using a number of techniques which are tailored to your business and your sector. But no matter what type of business you are, we have the right strategies that will pin-point the right people.

We will target and follow 3,500-4,000 relevant accounts per month, which typically translates into a net growth of 300-600 followers per month. This is regular genuine organic growth which, over time, will reach (and surpass)10,000 followers.

Almost as important as following new accounts, is the unfollowing of accounts that haven't followed back so accounts that haven't reciprocated with a week will be unfollowed. This keeps the ratio of "followed" to "following" accounts in check and helps to side-step Twitter growth limits when this ratio gets out of hand.

Unsolicited accounts that follow your account will be checked for suitability, and provided they meet a number of parameters, will be followed back to ensure the inbound connection is retained.

We manage followers in this way on a daily basis. This on-going growth of followers continually increases the number of people who are aware of you and your products/services