Integrated Telesales/CRM



Our work growing Twitter followers and posting regular tweets is fantastic at raising your business's profile and will lead to opportunities directly within the Twitter environment. However our experience has shown that far more opportunities can be generated by stepping out of the virtual environment and engaging pro-actively with the connections with most potential.

We enable you to do this very easily yourself by providing a weekly Tweet Forensics Report that highlights your most recent quality followers along with (where possible) their contact details - you can read more about this here.

However, we realise that not all businesses have the in-house resources or skills to utilise the information the Tweet Forensics provides. To address this we provide an integrated tele-sales service. We will make initial contact on your behalf to establish the level of interest each contact has and, where appropriate, arrange a telephone appointment or other suitable follow-up actions. A short-list of warm leads is then passed to you, leaving you with the far more enjoyable task of engaging with potential customers that are expecting your call or email.

The combination of our work in the virtual world together with our real-world tele-sales service is a powerful formula that will provide you with a steady pipeline of business opportunities with practically no effort on your part.

We can integrate telesales activities with your existing CRM system, of if needed we can recommend a powerful cloud based CRM system that will enable you to efficiently and effectively manage your leads within your business and with our telesales service.