Tweet Forensics


Tweet Forensics turns the connections into your Twitter account into a goldmine of business opportunities. It acts like a "follower lens", allowing you to focus on the best business opportunities connected to you. But it doesn't stop there - the report also finds and includes (where possible) the connecting account's email address, telephone number and contact name. It will even provide links to Companies House records so you can easily find a director details and other relevant information. It is like a Twitter equivalent of the well know website analysis tool Lead Forensics, hence the name "Tweet Forensics".

You can view a typical example of a Tweet Forensics report here.

Tweet Forensics transforms the jumbled standard view of followers into a working report full of business opportunities and potential leads.

Here is an example of how one connected account is reported, highlighting the extra information we extract and present:

Improved Tweet4MoreBiz follower view with phone number and email address.

As you can see, the report places all the information you need right at your fingertips, making it easy to assess and engage with the best of your followers. The beauty is when you contact the best of these leads, you are able to mention that they have connected with you and that you are just extending your virtual relationship into the real world. At this point, not only do you have their undivided attention, you are starting to form a person-to-person relationship which is many times more powerful than the initial virtual connection it was seeded from. As they say "people like to do business with people". 

This is what one of our clients recently said about their report:

"This is an awesome idea!! I've printed the list off and there are at least three proper leads here!" [Tom, Beatson Fans Ltd].

Tweet Forensics is included in all our service levels with no added charge even at our entry level. It integrates perfectly with our Twitter management services to provide you with a list of new opted-in business opportunities 52 weeks of the year without you having to lift a finger!